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AirMed is the complete Health Canada-compliant platform for the production and sale of medical marijuana. Patients can register, order, and manage all activities with a producer through an easy to use private portal. Producers can streamline and manage every facet of their operation while simultaneously meeting Health Canada's ACMPR compliance. AirMed reliably enables producers to offer patients a consistent, high-quality, safe and cost effective product.

AirMed is the Celtic Goddess of healing herbs.


Management Overview

Effective management of a medical marijuana production facility requires comprehensive business intelligence combined with precise deployment of a highly skilled flexible workforce. Each department requires detailed and timely insight to make the right decisions to maximize productivity and yields, reduce costs and ensure consistent high-quality.

Quality Assurance

AirMed provides a framework to establish and validate a quality system, review non-conformance, document and communicate findings, and meet all CGMP compliance requirements. AirMed supports the ability to track every interaction with plants from propagation to packaging. Any package can be traced back through the entire production life-cycle. Quality assurance checklists provide detailed analysis and identification of personell involved at every stage. Comprehensive environment tracking, nutrient tracking, laboratory testing, and crop yields provide detailed insight into CGMP compliance.


AirMed is an enterprise application that tracks comprehensive data from propagation to sales and order fulfillment. Multiple levels of security and encryption are critical to safeguard data not only from outside threats, but also from internal risk sources. AirMed is designed to meet and exceed all health-record and payment card industry levels of security compliance and restrict internal access to information on a need-to-know basis.


At the heart of the AirMed platform is an electronic record keeping system to support all of the ACMPR compliance requirements defined by Health Canada. The system conforms to FDA CFR Part 11 standards for record keeping and electronic signatures. The system not only tracks standard data entry workflows and generates reports as outlined by Health Canada, but also scanned and encrypted copies of all relevant printed documents. Auditors are provided with a simple dashboard to generate reports for all relevant compliance areas.

Production Management

As a production management platform, AirMed tracks the propagation, growth, harvesting, and packaging of medical marijuana. As an enterprise platform, AirMed provides scaleable workforce management to respond to bottlenecks at any stage. Comprehensive forecasting tools and reports allow managers to anticipate and balance production and to cross train and effectively manage staff. AirMed is designed to scale from small producers with streamlined single task operating procedures to large scale production with hundreds of staff working in parallel to efficiently support large scale multisite production.

Patient Management

AirMed offers patients a convenient dashboard to manage all of the tasks required to register, purchase, track, and communicate with producers. Encrypted communications include assessment and product rating, complaints and adverse reactions, news and information, and tracking of order status. Helping patients easily register with a producer, AirMed continues by offering unmatched tools to support the patient with first class care. Fast accurate responses ensures greater patient satisfaction and retention while reducing support costs.

Talent Management

The most important resource available to a producer is highly trained and motivated staff. AirMed incorporates an enterprise Talent Management system to track training and certifications, manage skills and competencies, build career paths, and manage performance plans. Staff can be cross-trained as appropriate to enable management to optimize organizational flexibility. AirMed exceeds Health Canada requirements for tracking all training and certification documentation. AirMed talent management facilitates more engaged team members, optimization of staffing levels, reduces turn-over, and exceeds current requirements for demonstration of training compliance.


AirMed is designed as an extensible platform that integrates with other software, web applications, and hardware systems. From environmental tracking to security, from scanners to pathogen sensing, from multiple credit card merchant and shipping services, AirMed provides interfaces to dozens of systems.


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